What Are The IEEE Reference To Transformer Bushing Standards?

Several bushing standards exist in the various countries around the world. The major standards have been established by the Transformers Committee within the IEEE Power Engineering Society and by IEC

Committee 37. Five important standards established by these committees include the following:

1. ANSI/IEEE Std. C57.19.00, Standard Performance Characteristics and Test Procedure for Outdoor Power Apparatus Bushings.

This is the general standard that is widely used by countries in the Western Hemisphere and contains definitions, service conditions, ratings, general electrical and mechanical requirements, and detailed descriptions of routine and design test procedures for outdoor-power-apparatus bushings.

2. IEEE Std. C57.19.01, Standard Performance Characteristics and Dimensions for Outdoor Power Apparatus Bushings.

This standard lists the electrical-insulation and test-voltage requirements for power-apparatus bushings rated from 15 through 800-kV maximum system voltages.

It also lists dimensions for standard-dimensioned bushings, cantilever-test requirements for bushings rated through 345-kV system voltage, and partial-discharge limits as well as limits for power factor and capacitance change from before to after the standard electrical tests.

3. IEEE Std. C57.19.03, Standard Requirements, Terminology and Test Procedures for Bushings for DC Applications [7]. This standard gives the same type of information as ANSI/IEEE Std.

C57.19.00 for bushings for direct-current equipment, including oil-filled converter transformers and smoothing reactors. It also covers air-to-air dc bushings.

4. IEEE Std. C57.19.100, Guide for Application of Power Apparatus Bushings [8]. This guide recommends practices to be used (1) for thermal loading above nameplate rating for bushings applied on power transformers and circuit breakers and (2) for bushings connected to isolated-phase bus.

It also recommends practices for allowable cantilever loading caused by the pull of the line connected to the bushing, applications for contaminated environments and high altitudes, and maintenance practices.

5. IEC Publication 137 [9], Bushings for Alternating Voltages above 1000 V. This standard is the IEC equivalent to the first standard listed above and is used widely in European and Asian countries.

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