Transformers may be classified into the following:

1. According to method of cooling
a. Self-air–cooled (dry type)
b. Air-blast–cooled (dry type)
c. Liquid-immersed, self-cooled
d. Oil-immersed, combination self-cooled and air-blast
e. Oil-immersed, water-cooled
f. Oil-immersed, forced-oil–cooled
g. Oil-immersed, combination self-cooled and water-cooled

2. According to insulation between windings
a. Windings insulated from each other
b. Autotransformers

3. According to number of phases
a. Single-phase
b. Polyphase

4. According to method of mounting
a. Pole and platform
b. Subway
c. Vault
d. Special

5. According to purpose
a. Constant-voltage
b. Variable-voltage
c. Current
d. Constant-current

6. According to service
a. Large power
b. Distribution
c. Small power
d. Sign lighting
e. Control and signaling
f. Gaseous-discharge lamp transformers
g. Bell ringing
h. Instrument
i. Constant-current
j. Series transformers for street lighting

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