Usual service conditions
These conditions shall be as stated in IEEE Std C57.12.00-2000, 4.1.1 through 4.1.7, and 4.1.9; 4.1.8 shall not apply. In (a), the word secondary shall mean the L terminals of the PST.

a) The purchaser of the PST shall specify the switching arrangements that will be used to place the PST in and out of service. This shall include breaker or switch operations resulting from faults external and internal to the PST.

b) The PST shall be suitable for energization by voltage applied to either the S or L terminals.

c) The PST shall be capable of transferring rated kVA with the electrical source of power connected to the S or L terminals. Limited power transfer in the retard position has to be considered.

d) Seismic requirements shall be as specified in IEEE Std 693-1997. The seismic zone shall be provided by the purchaser. The foundation design shall be provided to the PST manufacturer by the purchaser.

The manufacturer shall provide for differential motion between the two tanks, if used, and in the case of remotely mounted radiators provide for their differential motion.

e) The manufacturer of the PST shall make provisions for differential alignments that will occur when two tanks are connected. The foundation tolerance shall be defined by agreement between purchaser and manufacturer.

f) Unless specified otherwise, the PST shall be manufactured for operation in the bypassed state with the source and load bushing connected through bus work. This shall require special consideration in design for lightning impulse and switching surges.

This condition will require additional testing with the terminals connected, as in operation, to demonstrate that the insulation level meets the specified BIL.

Loading at other than rated conditions
This subclause shall be the same as IEEE Std C57.12.00-2000, 4.2, with the exception that additional limits must be observed for retard operation under overload. These limits must be defined by the manufacturer and agreed upon by the purchaser prior to completion of the PST design.

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